Mandi Sarro is a Media Personality, Content Creator, Food Stylist and Columnist, whose passion to teach, inspire and curate content that both stimulates and elevates, has garnered a loyal and thriving fan base of ‘Throwdown Lovers’.

Get To Know Me

When I’m not on air as a radio presenter, I am usually throwing down a storm. I vividly remember falling in love with throwing down when I was 13 I made the most delicious tripe aka ‘matumbo’ that had my family raving.

Fast forward 10 years later, I threw down fro a bunch of friends after a night out and recorded the video which I upload with the hashtag #MissMandiThrowdown and thus began my journey as a self taught home cook and visual story teller.

Get to know me through my YouTube channel below and stay tuned for loads of great recipes, fun entertaining ideas, and lots of tips, tricks, and shortcuts for making your lives in the kitchen easier: